What We've Been Working On, Because Sitting Still Is So Uncomfortable


We are so excited to be working towards our next generaton CURecover, our award winning DR/BCP application.  Earlier this year a survey was sent out  to current CURecover administrators asking for input on improvements and updates that would enhance the tool. Your ideas were great and consisted of new innovations as well as “fixes” for current aggravations! So what’s the CURecover roadmap look like?

Near Term (2015)

  • Improved BIA Ranking Algorithm – To create a tighter correlation between the organizations processes and their associated technologies, we’ve improved the calculations used to rank “critical”, “vital”, “important” and “non-essential” items. Each CURecover site is being upgraded during the annual review visit.
  • Improved reporting – We know reports can be important but ours were a bit “wordy” to keep the attention of the reader. We’ve drastically overhauled our reports for the Business Impact Analysis (BIA), Tabletop Exercise and Disaster Recovery (DR). Initial feedback has been outstanding! The new reports rely on more visual content and allow for more analysis/feedback from OGO consultants and engineers. The RESULT? Major improvement and more actionable information for your Credit Union.
  • Updated Threat Assesssment Survey – The FFIEC recent provided updated guidance for financial institutions on cyber security (See Appendix J of the FFIEC IT Handbook – BCP Section). The new risk assessment is being rolled out during your anual review. We’ve incorporated the suggested items as shown below:
    • Cyber – Data System Destruction and Corruption
    • Cyber – DDoS and other communications disruptions
    • Cyber – Insider Threat
    • Cyber – Malware Attacks
    • CYber – Simultaneous Attacks Waged against Institutions and Service Providers

Future (2015/2016)

  • Upgrade to SharePoint 2013
    • Improved performance
    • Eliminates need to reenter credentials when opening documents
    • Improved workflows
  • Ability to create recurring tasks – NCUA requires Credit Unions to have a living plan that is kept up-to-date and trained throughout the organization. Creating the tasks for multiple departments can become an administative nightmare. We’ve automated this process as your #1 request!
  • Mobile Application – And last but not least, we’re working hard to bring you a mobile applicaton so you can quickly and easily access your DR/BCP data from your mobile device. We are so psyched about this one since it is estimated that the amount of work done via mobile devices (tablets, smart phones and now, smart “wearables” will exceed that of traditional desktops in the very near future.

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