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Why is Credit Union Patching So Difficult? Does it Need to Be?

Banking and business software must continuously stay up-to-date to protect the safety of credit unions and their members. Many major breaches seem to start with a simple problem – lousy patching.  So, does credit union patching need to be so difficult? Is there anything your credit union can do to make patching your systems easier?  Ongoing Operations has several insights on helping credit unions with their patching requirements.

We’ve all been there: you get into work in the morning, you’ve had your coffee, (hopefully) your breakfast and, miraculously, found your favorite parking spot. Other people are smiling, the sun is out, and it’s a pleasant 70 degrees. Things are looking up. You settle into your desk, and it’s time to be productive. You turn on the computer and… there’s an update.

Finally, after the update and subsequent restart, it’s time to get going. You open the browser and… there’s an update. And there’s a patch to download on the primary office software as well. For some reason, there’s a new version of everything and, even worse, half require restarts. By the time you’ve updated and patched everything you need to update and patch, your spirit is broken, the coffee’s wearing off, and lunchtime is fast approaching.

Is there an easier way to patch? 

At Ongoing Operations, we have some good news and some bad news. First, the bad news. We can’t promise that we can reduce or eliminate your need for patches. Operating systems, production software, browsers, Java, Adobe, your antivirus program, all need the occasional update or patch. In the world of credit unions and financial data, new threats against security emerge on a continuous basis. As a result, new problems that require credit union patching emerge as quickly as the threats do. 

Now, the good news. Ongoing Operations employs a robust system that integrates into all credit union devices. Our system links into our asset inventory system and allows reach into your network infrastructure. What is particularly unique is how our system adds a level of customization that allows you to group devices and downloads, automate patch schedules, and keep your infrastructure and devices up to date. It also provides support for and control over third-party applications like Java, browsers, and antivirus software.

At any point, you may elect to view reports on individual devices, groups of devices, or your network. You can review what has been patched and what still needs patching. It gives details to keep you informed about version control and how up-to-date your systems are.

Seems easier, right? 

Precisely. Our fully-integrated system gives you extensive control over your devices. You can schedule updates and patches when you see fit, as you see fit. You may also automate the entire process to reduce the stress and hassle of maintaining version control on your own. 

Our automated patch schedules and customizable group utility keep you on the track to security and productivity. Next time you have your coffee, your breakfast, and your favorite parking spot, you won’t have the frustration of logging into your system only to find that you must manually perform system updates and patches. Let Ongoing Operations’ system do the work so that you don’t have to.

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