Information Security

Protect Your Members. And Your Data.

We keep you in front of your security challenges.

Managing security and compliance challenges can be like hitting a moving target, 24/7/365 – there’s always a new exploit, another regulation, and with each one – new concerns for your IT team. You need a plan. And backup plans. It’s enough to keep you up at night – but it shouldn’t.

The average number of attacks against financial services institutions is FOUR TIMES higher than other industries.

-CSO Online, 6/2015

First off, you’re not alone. Most Credit Unions have the assets and member data to target, yet lack the resources to defend. Even the largest CU’s lack access to top notch security experts to stay ahead of attacks. And staffing a 24/7/365 security operations center is an expense few Credit Unions can do themselves.

Second, OGO can help. As the Information Technology CUSO backed by many federal civilian, defense and intelligence agency-sponsored Credit Unions, we developed best practices to protect federal employee data. This includes secure, scalable, cost-effective solutions that not only address the industry’s regulations but defend against real-world threats.

"Ongoing Operations takes a proactive, holistic approach when a Credit Union engages us for CISOaaS. We start with analysis of a CU's security posture across all security domains, weak or missing controls are identified immediately, and prioritization and remediation begins right away."

 - Bob Miles, Managing Director of Information Security Group, Ongoing Operations

Proactive solutions tailored for Credit Unions.

Our proactive, turnkey solution set combines a team of CU Information Security experts with a suite of fully integrated monitoring tools to enable even the most inexperienced Credit Unions with planning, security assessment and monitoring at a fraction of the cost of building the capabilities in-house.


For example, our Chief Information Security Officer-as-a-service (CISO) offering provides access to the expertise of top industry experts without the overhead of a full-time CISO. We also offer Security Incident Event Management, and CU Control.

With a consultation, we can assess your specific needs and tailor a best-of-breed solution that meets them. Schedule yours today – and let’s get you – and you members – sleeping though the night again.