Application Hosting

Run virtually any application you need for you company to be productive. Achieve greater scalability, flexibility and cost-efficiency compared to internal hosting & management.

Managed Application Hosting

Today, most organizations have built their own infrastructure to run on-premise applications. Ongoing Operations’ Cloudworks solution provides the ability tomanaged services cloud operate nearly any application without managing and maintaining your own costly infrastructure. Utilizing our unique Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) and Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) model developed specifically for Credit Unions, you can operate and consume applications that are hosted online, lowering your costs and paying only for what you use. You can also benefit from seamless and painless upgrades in functionality, integration with your existing data and systems, and of course Ongoing Operations’ secure, redundant architecture.
We believe in working with each Credit Union to design a custom managed hosting solution to fit not only today’s requirements, but to prepare for the future with the ability to rapidly scale as needed.

Application Hosting Features

The Ongoing Operations team fully manages all aspects needed to utilize our robust and scalable network architecture, which includes enterprise hardware and datacenter infrastructure designed to meet the complex application and security needs for Credit Unions. This includes options on F5 Load Balancing, Application Firewalling, SQL Geo-Clusters, Cisco Fiber Switching Platform and other high performance or advanced security features.

Hardware Procurement and Deployment

The Ongoing Operations’ Cloudworks platform leverages the latest in virtual technologies and high density hardware to provide the necessary mix of virtual and dedicated hardware solutions. High levels of redundancy are implemented throughout the solution to maximize uptime and reliability.

OS Installation and Configuration

A team of OGO network administrators will manage the installation and configuration of the operating system. Ongoing maintenance and patching will performed by Ongoing Operations.

24/7 Customized Monitoring

Monitoring is done 24/7/365 by OGO Network Operations Center. All aspects of the platform are monitored and information is reported across the whole solution to a centralized location The key to success is urgency in responding to alerts and executing clients’ requests.

Administration Support

Ongoing Operations provides 24/7/365 support of all hosted/managed hardware and all services/applications delivered on the cloud platform.


Our expert consultants develop customized security methods that will ensure data integrity. Our security standards meet SSAE16 and as needed PCI standards.

Redundancy, Rapid Response and Recovery

With OGO’s fully redundant architecture, our engineers can rapidly restore data, servers and functionality. Recovery is enhanced when coupled with redundant systems, managed database services and high-availability architectures.