Hosted Exchange DLP

Hosted Exchange DLP

Data Loss Prevention or DLP is a solution designed to keep your employees from accidentally or intentionally e-mailing critical or confidential information outside of your organization.  The solution can be configured to protect both data at rest and in transit and block sending SSNs, Member #s, Phone numbers, IP Addresses and many other types of data.

Ongoing Operations uses Cisco’s IronPort solution for Data Loss Prevention.  

DLP Key Features

  • Provides Content, Context and Destination knowledge
  • Empowers Credit Unions and companies to control who can send what information
  • Prevents accidental or malicious data loss
  • Simple policy configuration
  • Enables monitoring and enforcing data security across all communication channels
  • Can support protecting data at rest and data in transit

Hosted Exchange Data Loss Prevention Solution

Hosted Exchange Data Loss Prevention

 Credit Union Protection

Protecting key member information is crucial.  The DLP sensor can be configured to match the following kinds of data:

  • Social Security #s (###-##-####)
  • Routing Numbers
  • Member #s
  • IP Addresses
  • Other critical consumer information

When a user tries to send this type of information the DLP solution will reject the e-mail and provide notice to the employee that they have tried to send sensitive data.  A permanent log is created and tracked.  The e-mail is not sent outside of the organization and critical information is kept secure within the walls of the Credit Union – or in this case the Ongoing Operations cloud.


Hosted Exchange Benefits

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