Hosted (Advanced) – Load Balancers

OGO provides F5 Local and Global Load Balancers in its Cloud Hosting data centers to be used to delivering highly available application hosting. The load balancers are fully managed and provisioned by OGO and are used to deliver both high availability bandwidth, IP space, and server infrastructure.

Spikes in members hitting your website, a loan promotion, or a new online banking system can challenge even the best web sites and applications. During major events, an outage can cause reputation risk and provide a poor member experience.

Cloudwork’s Load Balancers manage online traffic by distributing workloads across multiple servers and resources—automatically or on demand. They maximize your workload performance and help prevent overload to help give your users a seamless experience.

Information you'll want
Why Do I Need It?When a down application (internal or external) leads to lost productivity or lost revenue
What Are The Likely Outcomes?Using OGO’s load balancers enables servers to be clustered together and single points of failure removed. This leads to very high levels of uptime and the ability to maintain components while keeping the system running. Saves you time and money compared to acquiring and running yourself
Why OGO?OGO’s platform has F5 load balancers spread in multiple data centers to provide the highest level of uptime

Cloudworks Load Balancing Infrastructure Diagram

Load Balancer Diagram

Cloudworks Load Balancing Features

Platform FeaturesService Features
Locally Redundant
Geo-Redundant Options
F5 Platform
Integrated Infoblox
Fully Managed
Fully Monitored
Dedicated IP Space
Supports SSL Offloading
Built-in high availability
Round Robin Options
Supports Multiple Protocols