Department of Labor Federal Credit Union


Quick Look




Break fix - traditional IT Integrator approachFully included in the OGO services (new software and upgrades are T&M), hosted email


Switches, routers, cabling managed by IT IntegratorFully managed local switches, routers tied into CU Control monitoring and maintenance


Physical PCS, Servers, storage, UPS and CoolingCloud Servers, storage, licensing, patching, maintenance


Branch MPLS network - T1's, phone system, and internet connectivityHigh speed branch MPLS with managed routers, fully redundant 3rd party connections


Managed Firewall - Breakfix by the IT IntegratorFully managed firewalls, vulnerability scans, patching, antivirus, etc.

Continuity System Design

T1 lines between HQ and Branch and single internet connectionHigh speed branch MPLS with managed routers, fully redundant
3rd party connections, managed VOIP phones and video

Organization Chart

All labor provided by local IT Integrator (3 or 4 in 5 years)Credit Union self manages through end user portal and OGO provides help desk

“Having Ongoing Operations combat these issues for us helps me sleep at night because we have a full team of experts taking care of all our IT needs 24/7/365.”
Joan Moran, President and CEO, Department of Labor Federal Credit Union


DOLFCU had about 25 employees and provided a full range of financial services to its members. All employees reported to a branch or the main operations center. The Credit Union had approximately 10 physical servers and used a service bureau core. Moving to OGO increased network oversight, protection and planning. The CU moved from a reactive model to a proactive model.


We are a small Credit Union that does not have the resources to maintain a full time IT staff.


Ongoing Operations became our entire outsourced IT solution. It literally keeps me up at night thinking about the security of our systems and our members’ information being hacked.

For us, a huge benefit is the Ongoing Operations’ communications system. They have a robust ticketing program that we use all the time. There is so much information provided in response to the very first ticket where they promptly provide us with everything we need to know. In addition, Ongoing Operations communicates very well through texting and phone calls. We always know what is expected of us and the information they need from us to address any issue.


Using Symitar as core and Ongoing Operations for Hosting, Telecom, Security, and Disaster Recovery, our CU developed or reallocated technical resources to focus on member facing technology. Ongoing Operations can do so much for all Credit Unions but as a smaller Credit Union, we absolutely rely on them.