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To declare a disaster:

Call 877-552-7892, option 1. See “How To Declare A Disaster with OGO” for more details.

For Support:

Phone: 877-552-7892 or 877-CLOUD-02
Control Panel

The Cirrus Control Panel is a user friendly administrative tool that allows you to manage your Ongoing Operations’ Cloudworks services and scale as you need 24 hours per day. The control panel is custom and was built for the Cloudworks product offering. There are many tasks that can be easily managed including applications, storage, permissions, user account modifications, passwords and much more.

Help Desk

Help Desk Ticketing System allows users and technicians to easily communicate about the status of the ticket and the resolution. Users can submit new requests and view updates on previous requests. Tickets are monitored during business hours and each ticket is assigned the appropriate response time based on the request type. If a technician is unable to address the request, the technician will escalate the ticket to the next appropriate support tier for completion. NOTE: Urgent issues or disaster declarations should be called in to 877-552-7892.


Options for customer support

Call Us Today (877) 552-7892
Help Desk
Manage Your Services

Our teams of highly trained technicians are available 24/7 to address disaster declarations or critical issues. Please call in urgent issues to us to ensure prompt support. If your issue is not critical, please feel free to choose the contact method that is most convenient for you: call us, enter a help desk ticket, or access the control panel.