Hosted Exchange Anti-Spam

Ongoing Operations uses the CIsco IronPort Anti-Spam solution to provide enterprise Anti-Spam management as part of its hosted exchange offering.   The solution is bundled into the hosted e-mail offering and is provided in the base price.

Why use anti-spam?  

Internet criminals constantly evolve techniques to penetrate an organization’s defenses. Email threats have expanded beyond simply annoying spam to dangerous phishing and fraudulent spam. Cisco IronPort Anti-Spam uses conventional techniques and innovative context-sensitive detection technology to eliminate a diverse range of known and emerging email threats.

The Cisco IronPort Context Adaptive Scanning Engine (CASE) and Cisco IronPort Reputation Filters provide protection against sophisticated blended threats.

In our experience the Cisco solution greatly reduces spam and almost entirely eliminates false positives.

What are the key features?

  • Powerful multi-layered approach – Cisco IronPort pioneered the technique of reputation filtering for a powerful outer layer of spam defense. IronPort Reputation Filters stop up to 90 percent of incoming spam at the connection level. Cisco IronPort appliances also support a unique rate-limiting capability to intelligently delay suspicious senders—greatly reducing spam without the risk of false positives.
  • Accuracy with Context-Based Scoring – In addition to reviewing sender reputation, IronPort examines the complete context of a message. In combination, the CASE score and sender reputation result in more accurate spam filtering than do traditional techniques.
  • Cisco IronPort Web Reputation technology measures the behavior and traffic patterns of a website to assess its trustworthiness. The Cisco IronPort CASE determines the reputation of any URL within a message body to facilitate an accurate analysis of messages. This technology helps to immediately protect Cisco IronPort Anti-Spam users from spam, viruses, phishing, and spyware threats.
  • Automatic Updates and Comprehensive Controls – Marketing message detection allows administrators to configure treatment of unwanted marketing messages.
  • Automatic, timely, and highly secure rule updates – part of the IronPort solution is a subscription service that provides regular updates to the appliance meaning it is always up to date with the best information.
  • The Cisco IronPort Spam Quarantine A powerful spam-reporting plug-in for Microsoft Outlook allows users to send missed spam directly to the Cisco IronPort Threat Operations Center for review.
  • Real-Time and Centralized Reporting – Cisco IronPort Email Security Monitor delivers complete real-time visibility into who is sending email. It also alerts Ongoing Operations administrators to suspicious traffic so that they can take immediate action.
  • Cisco IronPort Message Tracking lets administrators find the status of any message that has crossed their infrastructure. With this centralized reporting tool, administrators and support staff can quickly answer end-user inquiries such as, “What happened to my email?”

What is included in Hosted Exchange Anti-Spam?

Ongoing Operations use of the Cisco IronPort solution includes a 24-Hour Threat Operations Center.  The center uses extensive technology and infrastructure to help ensure effectiveness. All together, the center’s analysts speak more than 32 languages and have powerful tools to:

  • Maintain a massive email collection
  • Manage a knowledge base of latest trends
  • Publish real-time rule updates to help ensure that new spam attacks can be blocked immediately
  • Provide closed-loop verification of customer reports

What are the Benefits of using Hosted Email Anti-Spam?

  • Eliminates a Broad Range of Email Threats – Cisco IronPort Anti-Spam addresses a full range of known threats, including spam, phishing, and zombie attacks. It also addresses hard-to-detect, low-volume, short-lived targeted attacks such as 419 scams. Additionally, Cisco IronPort Anti-Spam identifies new and evolving blended threats, such as malicious content through a download URL or an executable file.
  • Provides Great Accuracy – The key to effectiveness is data captured by the Cisco IronPort SenderBase Network, the world’s first, largest, and most accurate traffic-monitoring system. In addition to exceptional technology, Cisco IronPort Anti-Spam is backed by an interdisciplinary team of experts with backgrounds in email security, machine learning, and human genomics. As a leader in preventive threat detection techniques, Cisco employs security experts who constantly innovate to stay ahead of emerging threats. Cisco IronPort Anti-Spam is integrated with the Cisco IronPort Threat Operations Center, which helps ensure a high level of accuracy and responsiveness.
  • Adds a Global Solution – Cisco IronPort Anti-Spam uses locale-specific, content-aware threat detection techniques. It also takes full advantage of globally representative SMTP and HTTP content-independent data contributed by more than 120,000 ISPs, universities, and corporations on six continents.
  • Not your Problem – Probably the biggest advantage of all of this are that the solution just works and it is Ongoing Operations problem.  If your users need to find a trapped message or the solution has a bug – Ongoing Operations engineers will work to fix it immediately.  Also – the whole solution is redundant and hosted out of multiple data centers so single points of failure won’t cause you problems.


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