Hosted DNS Platform

Hosted DNS Platform

Geographically diverse DNS appliances provide redundant and robust domain resolution services.  The geographically redundant hosted DNS platform services are essential to providing a platform level internet address space so that various network services, replication, and security services can be centrally managed and provisioned across multiple sites enabling advanced data management, replication, branch communication, attack mitigation services and high availability internet and network services.  In addition, it is essential that the DNS platform sit behind enterprise DDOS mitigation tools and management.  Ongoing Operations integrated DNS platform with DDOS Mitigation tools and Infoblox enables our clients to have a highly reliable DNS service as well as having great flexibility to handle their day to day website, online banking, and infrastructure management.

Information you'll want
Why Do I Need It?If your business is online you use DNS
What Are The Likely Outcomes?OGO’s DNS is very stable, reliable, and we can help you configure it correctly
Why OGO?Using OGO for DNS will make your Disaster Recovery, attack mitigation, and failover scenarios work much more gracefully without having to get your carrier involved


HA DNS and Active Directory

Secure Hosted DNS Platform


Hosted DNS Features

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Geographic Redundant
Cirrus Provisioning
Cisco Networking
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