How To Declare A Disaster With OGO

When a Disaster Strikes

Contact Ongoing Operations via phone at:

877-552-7892, option 1 
240-527-6800, option 1

Before You Call

Take a moment to check that you are an authorized contact for your Credit Union.

Note: Ongoing Operations must speak with an authorized representative of the Credit Union in order to recognize a disaster is being declared.

Information We’ll Need

Be prepared to provide the following so we can respond properly:

  • Name of Your Credit Union
  • Your Name and Title
  • Your Contact Information (current phone, email, location)
  • Nature of the Disaster

Escalation Process

An Ongoing Operations representative will contact you with specific response details within 15 minutes of declaring a disaster.

If you are not contacted within 15 minutes, please contact:

  • Shane Butcher, VP of Information Technology - 240-420-2749
  • Hugh Smallwood, Chief Technology Officer - 240-527-6805
  • Kirk Drake, President & Chief Executive Officer - 240-527-6801