Backup Branch Connectivity

Keeping your branches up and running is a full time job but sometimes things go wrong. Power outages and line cuts (the dreaded last mile) can take out one or more of your branches at anytime. In today’s electronic world, dropping a branch from the network can be just as frustrating for members/staff as actually losing physical access to the facility. Having backup connectivity just makes sense. Ongoing Operations works with your staff to build redundancy and stability into your infrastructure so you are available when your members need you.

Information you'll want
Why Do I Need It?Sometimes your branch circuits go down
What Are The Likely Outcomes?Employees can work (slower) but continue to serve members
Why OGO?OGO can manage both the production and backup circuits, routers, and routing so the Credit Union can focus on its business

Backup Branch Connectivity – MPLS over VPN Diagram


MPLS over VPN, backup branch connectivity











Backup Branch Connectivity – MPLS over VPN Features

PlatformConnectivity ChoicesPerformance
GEO Redundant
Multiple Carriers
Hardware Redundant
Locally Redundant
NCUA Compliant
QOS Available
Data Segregation
Built-In Failover
Fully Managed
Management Portal
NCUA Compliant
Security Reporting
DDoS Protection Available
Segregated Data

Production or backup, OGO has the solution for your branch connectivity needs. Managed telecom solutions enable your Credit Union to focus on its core business – servicing the member!