FTP Hosting

Secure FTP Hosting

Secure FTP Hosting services are built on Ongoing Operations secure community cloud platform.  Many financial services applications require clients to upload secure information on a regular basis.  Whether it is daily settlement data, monthly statement data, or another secure transmission – the Ongoing Operations hosted FTP services are setup, ready to go, and part of our on scalable on-demand cloud services

Information you'll want
Why Do I Need It?Your customers need to securely send you large amounts of data every day such as transaction logs or databases, FTP is essential.
What Are The Likely Outcomes?
With FTP services customers can upload/download files daily and your servers can digest the data from there. This is cheaper than building on your own.
Why OGO?OGO’s secure FTP platform is built into the broader cloud platform and meets all of the security requirements for financial institutions.

Hosted FTP Product Diagram

Secure FTP Hosting Features

Platform FeaturesService Features
Locally Redundant
Geo-Redundant Options
Enterprise Architecture
NCUA Compliant
Encryption Available
Fully Managed
Fully Monitored
Integrated with Hosted Services

Secure FTP Hosting is generally used by our FinTech Application providers for sending or receiving key information securely and in an audit-able fashion from their clients.  If you are looking to have an easy secure methodology for clients to regularly get you key information such as settlement files or other daily transmissions our Secure FTP Hosting service is a great option.  The Secure FTP platform is already deployed and running and is a one of our Multi-Tenancy applications available on a per user per month basis.