Anti-Virus Extended

Our managed environment includes managed anti-virus but sometimes a managed server is not the right fit for customers.  When clients have unmanaged servers or local environments extended into OGO’s environment through OGO MPLS management they can add anti-virus end point protection.  This service provide antivirus/spyware detection and protection and with centralized tools for management and reports so you know the status of your endpoint protection.

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Why Do I Need It?If servers are not patched and use some end-point security such as anti-virus software they will get viruses, spyware, adware, and Trojans. This results in data stolen, performance issues, and unauthorized use in botnets.
What Are The Likely Outcomes?
OGO provides both the software and administration tools and reports to make sure client systems stay protected.
Why OGO?The Anti-Virus and patching services are bundled in and coordinated with all of our hosting tools and security techniques for a seamless experience.

Managed Anti-Virus Extended


Patching Extended Diagram


Anti-Virus Extended Features

Platform FeaturesService Features
Inventory Management
Automated Patching (windows and application)
Reporting Tools
Proactive Approach
Fully Monitored
Full Featured Managed Security Platform
NCUA Built Compliance Reporting
Maps to NCUA Aries Checklist
Handles Local and Cloud Components
Provides Detailed Reports
Creates Transparency
Integrated with full Managed Security Solution

With Ongoing Operations managed anti-virus solution you can stop focusing on another compliance problem.  Instead, the OGO team will install agents on each workstation or server and remotely managed the anti-virus software.  Each time new signatures are released the software will be updated.  Clients can monitor progress via a portal and track all of their servers and workstations for compliance against a regular scanning schedule.  Our tools and routines are designed to match or exceed NCUA requirements and to minimize the risk related to an Anti-Virus event within your Credit Union.

In addition, if you are hosting servers in the OGO community cloud, those servers will be integrated into the same Managed Security platform.  This enables your compliance reporting engine to cover your local onsite devices and your remote hosted servers.  Together in one report saves you countless steps in reporting and demonstrating that your environment meets the audit requirements.

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