Collaboration Suite

Introducing the OGO Collaboration Suite

Microsoft Exchange, Hosted VoIP and Microsoft Lync delivered as an integrated solution to help you improve communication, boost productivity and improve performance.

collaboration suite

Our unique Collaboration Suite allows you to communicate your way – integrating all channels into one secure platform to help you improve communication, boost productivity, and drive performance.

Imagine being able to:

  • Share work with others at a moment’s notice
  • Use secure messaging, conference calls, video conferencing, desktop & file sharing, plus call center functionality – completely integrated in one platform
  • Replace webex, gotomeeting, free conference call, etc. with one seamless integrated solution
  • Connect with internal and external contacts through multiple channels instantly
  • Meet on the fly anytime anywhere with key business partners, members, board, employees or colleagues
  • Be accessible to your team anytime, anywhere

What is the Collaboration Suite

  • Hosted Microsoft Exchange +
  • Hosted Microsoft Sharepoint +
  • Hosted Microsoft Lync +
  • Hosted VOIP +
  • Seamless integration of the above

How is it delivered?

The collaboration suite is delivered via Ongoing Operations Cloudworks Community Cloud. This means it meets the following standards:

  • Credit Union compliant security
  • Redundant – running out of multiple data centers (about 3000 miles apart…turns out it is 2240)
  • Self-service portal driven flexibility
  • Scalable
  • Fast
  • Bundled with nice people who want to help you

What do I need to make it work?

  • Some sort of computer (preferably iphones, PCs, Droids, ipads, etc.)
  • Internet connectivity
  • About 20 minutes to setup
  • People who you want to collaborate with

Learn more about our complete Collaboration Suite today.