Strategic Planning

We Help You Plan for Success.

We help your IT investment serve your strategic goals.

In an era of constant innovation, your members seek state-of-the-art technologies to interact with your CU. However, Credit Unions typically lag when it comes to adopting new technologies. Your Credit Union wants to be better than that – but chasing every new trend and tech doesn’t seem the smart way to go.

How do you bridge the gap?

We strive to be the industry’s trusted partner utilizing technology to advance the CU’s mission.

You Set The Destination. We’ve Got the Roadmap.

With a wide view of the industry and a focus on your business, our Credit Union IT experts can help you build a plan to leverage your IT investment to meet your Credit Union’s overall strategic goals.

“I have been fortunate to work with Ongoing Operations on behalf of several of my client Credit Unions including The Partnership Federal Credit Union, NRL Federal Credit Union and Department of Labor Federal Credit Union. Ongoing Operations has done a great job removing politics, conflicts and delays by providing top-notch strategic planning around all of our IT initiatives. The results are that our CEOs and board members better understand how the investments in IT align with the business objectives of the Credit Union.”

– Bonnie Ortiz, CU Business Process Optimization consultant

Our team of CU IT strategists have deep expertise in the latest trends, regulations, requirements and technologies, and work with you to deliver:

  • Board-quality reporting that clearly articulates the short term and long term IT plan and the intended outcomes of the investment in IT
  • Peer-to-peer analysis of your CU’s investment in IT
  • A 360-degree discussion around the goals of the Executive Suite and the IT Team, providing real visibility into the challenges and needs of the CU
  • Better alignment with marketing, branch operations, loan origination, etc. and IT priorities
  • A plan with a high ROI
  • Improved member engagement
  • Improved revenue and reduced costs methodology

We know Credit Unions. We know strategy.

OGO specializes in IT Strategy, Compliance, Security and Infrastructure. A CUSO (Credit Union Service Organization) with the financial support from 18 Credit Unions, our clientele includes over 100 Credit Unions.

We’ve partnered with NACUSO, CU 2.0, CUNA Tech and other industry leaders to develop a specialized program specifically aimed at bringing Credit Union technology ahead in a best-in-class methodology.

We are a team built of former CU CTOs and technologists who have a passion for bringing the industry forward.

Our methodology is based on building best practices to around attracting and retaining members, meeting and exceeding the compliance requirements and future-proofing the CU’s technology spend.

Let’s align your IT vision with your CU goals.

We can start with a strategy consultation or a sit-down strategy session, or feel free to browse our e-book library at your leisure. We look forward to getting your Credit Union where you want it to be.