HEB Federal Credit Union


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NoneHosted email


Self-Managed switches, servers, data center (cooling, ups)No changes


10 physical servers & switches running the CU's data centerCloud Servers, storage, licensing, patching, maintenance


Self-managed firewalls, anti-virus, patchingSelf managed firewalls and security


Branch MPLS network - T1's, phone system, and internet connectivityHigh speed branch MPLS with managed routers, fully redundant 3rd party connections

Continuity System Design

Local tape backups, single point of failure telecom structureFully replicated servers with rapid failover/failback between data centers

Organization Chart

VP Information TechnologyCredit Union self manages through end user portal - Client provides own help desk

“We are now able to focus our efforts on projects for the Credit Union and focus on our members and staff.”
Haru Bhagat, Director of Information Technology, HEB Federal Credit Union


When they came to OGO, HEB was about to move their HQ to a new facility with no Data Center. They had a low speed MPLS network and used XP Service Bureau for core processing. In addition, they had one full-time IT person. The team was struggling to keep pace with technology and the related compliance burden. The Credit Union had two branches and about 30 employees located in San Antonio. With a move to cloud, OGO was able to manage the CU’s IT systems better than they had done it themselves previously and relieved their need for a Data Center.


We were at the end of life for our VMWare – hardware that hosted our servers internally, we were also using tape backups (and even temporary USB hard drive backups) to store our critical data. Our disk to disk was only setup and stored internally, so offsite backups were limited to twice a week due to existing equipment. Our Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity plan was not to our expectations. If we were down there was no failover and to recover would take days or weeks.


Ongoing Operations offered us solutions to host our Exchange platform and our critical servers. Additionally, we were able to have a backup VPN for our DR Team to work from home in the event of bad weather or building power outages (At the time we were in an old building, so we had quite a few power outages, and during those power outages no one was previously able to work). We were also able to have Ongoing Operations assist in not only backups but management of patches and AV for the servers.


Results were excellent. There is a peace of mind regarding hardware and backups and having a team of experts help in that regard. Using XP2 as core and Ongoing Operations for Hosting, Disaster Recovery, and some Security, HEB has developed or reallocated technical resources to focus on member facing technology.