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Credit Union Website Hosting

Website hosting is available either in a single site configuration or in a high-availability design.  The single site configuration is provisioned on a VM cluster for basic fault tolerance.  The high availability design can include multiple VMs in multiple data centers load balanced and clustered for ease of maintenance, performance and high availability purposes.

Information you'll want
Why Do I Need It?Every business has a website, some have higher performance or security needs
What Are The Likely Outcomes?Hosting with OGO means you have high uptime, extra security tools if you need them, and access to smart engineers with personalities
Why OGO?OGO has a unique blend of performance, security, and application tools to make sure your website performs well, stays up, and stays secure.

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secure website hostingWebsite Hosting Features

Platform FeaturesTechnology FeaturesService Features
Uses Cloudworks Platform
NCUA Compliant Security
Geo-Redundant Options
Bandwidth Included
Features Microsoft SQL
Backup Options Available
Performance Monitoring
Active-Active Options
High Performance Storage
Fully Managed
Proactively Maintained
Change Management Options
High-Availability Design

Ongoing Operations Hosted Website is built on our Credit Union Community Cloud Platform.  This means it is designed for redundancy, disaster recovery, security, and maintenance in mind.  In addition, the platform has Ongoing Operations CU Control platform meaning that all of your NCUA compliance is guaranteed.  The integrated CU Control platform will provide you with all of the NCUA Aries checklist questions, answers, policy, and proof so that you can stop worrying about compliance and focus on serving your members.

If you have lots of traffic and website visitors our DDOS mitigation service, load balancers, and infrastructure design insures that your members get to you quickly, securely, and efficiently with every click.  We provide Credit Union website hosting for both small and huge Credit Unions alike.  Both can take advantage of our unique knowledge of Credit Unions and our secure and redundant hosting platform so that your members are always in touch with you digitally.