CU CONTROL – Managed Security Services for Credit Unions

Security and compliance, engineered for Credit Unions

CU CONTROL efficiently manages your Credit Union’s digital security services to meet your unique compliance requirements.

In today’s connected world, member expectations demand that you provide/introduce the latest member-facing technology(ies) while protecting your IT systems – and their data. But every day, there are new threats including:

  • Next generation cyber-attacks including zero-day attacks, customized malware, drive-by downloads, spear-phishing and ransomware
  • Newer, more sophisticated and nefarious sources of attacks including cybercriminals, state-sponsored attackers and hacktivists

All while you are faced with limited budgets and resources.

The key to staying on top of it all is proactive security management that makes sure your Credit Union’s systems are up to date and protected.

This is where CU Control takes charge.

A recent study predicts a 40% increase in cyber-attacks on Financial Institutions.


Comprehensive Managed Security Services for one-stop management and monitoring

Today’s Credit Union CIO’s are faced with the daunting task of providing robust, convenient access to member services in the most secure way possible. Yet the efforts required to manage complex infrastructures are increasing exponentially, along with the number of internal and external threats.

That’s why Ongoing Operations has developed CU CONTROL – an IT Management Solution engineered to optimize the management AND compliance role of today’s Credit Union CIO’s.

CU CONTROL helps by enabling enterprise Security Compliance control, data aggregation, reporting, and management of almost all of your infrastructure. Our unique solution provides:

  • A comprehensive suite of solutions facilitating cybersecurity compliance
  • An efficient “single pane of glass” approach to management and monitoring
  • Flexible deployment options to meet the needs and resources of any Credit Union

Why Do I Need It?

Your Credit Union lacks insight and visibility into your infrastructure, network, and systems. Compliance and IT Security is manual, lacks information, and suffers from disparate systems.

What Are The Benefits?

CU Control will greatly reduce efforts related to IT Security and NCUA compliance. Refocus your IT teams on more growth-oriented projects instead of compliance.


Why OGO?

We have mapped CU Control to the NCUA AIRES Checklist and has integrated CU CONTROL into the entire OGO platform. Credit Unions have the ability to leverage any or all of OGO's enterprise security tools.

Learn more about CU CONTROL’s Managed Security Services and our full feature list.