Business Continuity Planning

For you it's a crisis.
For us, it's a Tuesday.

We help recover more Credit Unions every year than anyone else.

Beyond regulatory requirements, your Credit Union Business Continuity Plan (BCP) ensures you’re able to serve your members during times of crisis!

NCUA requires credit unions to have a fully developed and "living" BCP program. Good Business Continuity Plans will keep a company running through any interruptions including power failures, IT system crashes, natural disasters, and supply chain problems.

Without a plan, recovery is at best good intentions – and part luck.

Crisis management is hard. Ongoing Operations makes Business Continuity easy.

Our BCP program is developed to make your Credit Union compliant AND prepared

We make Business Continuity Planning an organization-wide initiative and process combining our team of certified & experienced staff with our award-winning BCP software platform. Our unique approach combines consulting, training, our proprietary platform, and gamified exercises to take the pain out of Business Continuing Planning (BCP).

You end up with a holistic BCP methodology that brings people, processes, and technologies together.

From the kick-off meeting to the annual plan review and tabletop, your Credit Union has a designated planner to walk you through all stages of plan development. Each of our consultants has Credit Union experience and bring that knowledge to building your plan.

What do you get from working with OGO?

A well-documented plan, well-trained employees, and feeling like you can handle any curveball that comes your credit union's way. Your Credit Union will have robust tools in place for activating departmental plans, incident management/response and maintaining a history of your DR/BCP efforts as required by NCUA. 

Ongoing Operations’ Business Continuity Process

We focus on making business continuity planning an organization-wide initiative and process – bringing people, processes, and technologies together. We understand the challenges that you face in dedicating time to business continuity plan development, so we’ll do the heavy lifting for you.

disaster recovery plan process methodlogy

Our process includes:

  1. The Business Impact Analysis (BIA) – including our Risk Assessment & Financial Impact Analysis model using your Credit Union’s 5300 call report data
  2. Departmental Recovery Plans – we will work directly with department heads to help them create plans
  3. Key Contact Development – pulling together information from across the entire organization so it is accessible in one central location
  4. CU Recover Website – once the plan is developed and approved, we load it into the CU Recover hosting platform for you and provide secure access to your custom website (See the CMNS Features)
  5. Maintenance & Monitoring – your certified business continuity professionals will continue to work with you to help ensure that your plan is kept up-to-date
  6. Recovery Team Development – we will also work with you to identify responsible parties (and backups) for each of the critical recovery teams
  7. Annual Exercises & Continuous Improvement – annual exercises are included (and highly encouraged) with your business continuity plan. Our certified professionals are available to help you before, during and after an exercise.

We also provide templates that can be customized for pandemic plans, crisis management, and other frequently requested documents.

Do you have questions about how to conduct a risk assessment? Do you want to know the top reasons your disaster recovery plan might fail?