Password Sync

OGO offers a password sync feature for CU Recover clients. The service integrates the clients Active Directory environment so end users no longer need additional passwords to access the remote BCP website. Password sync is one way or asynchronous.

Information you'll want
Why Do I Need It?Employees have to remember two passwords (and they forget their passwords)
What Are The Likely Outcomes?Employees login at work normally and accessing the BCP site is seamless
Why OGO?Nobody else can integrate our BCP software with your security

Password Sync Screenshot

password sync

Password Sync Features

Information you'll want
Agent Installed on separate server (Not client AD Server)
Passwords are encrypted and sent to OGO via SSL
You can change passwords through your own AD!

Automatically synchronizes every five minutes
Username, Password , User account (Add/delete), and Distribution Group Support

The CU Recover Sync agent is installed on your local Active Directory server.  OGO clients set how frequently they want passwords and user information to be sent to our BCP Software servers.  At that regular interval passwords and key changes are synced so that your users no longer have to remember yet another password.   The one downside of this change is that OGO support can no longer change or administer your end users.  If they call OGO or one of our BCP Planners because they forgot a password they will be sent back to the Credit Union’s help desk for support.