Hosted Solutions (Cloud)

Scalable. Future-Proof.

Our cloud solutions put you in a better position to serve your members.

At the end of the day, a Credit Union’s most valuable currency is its relationship with its members. With Cloud Solutions from OGO, you can focus on building and maintaining those relationships instead of managing the technology driving it.

Think about it – no more server rooms or hardware maintenance. How much more productive could your day be?

The cloud is the present – and the future. As the leading provider of cloud solutions to Credit Unions, we offer robust, secure, scalable cloud services that make it easier to manage your IT infrastructure – from security and compliance to disaster recovery. That frees you up to work on other strategic objectives, data analytics, marketing, or member service.

“I am extremely appreciative of Ongoing Operations. As a CEO of a mid-sized Credit Union with limited IT resources, Ongoing Operations has revolutionized the way we do business. We started out not knowing what it would mean to go to the cloud. After the transition, we saved space, were able to control IT costs, and most importantly, took a huge step forward in efficiency and security. Now OGO is my IT team.

In the past, I could only be effective if I was in the office. As personal and professional obligations often have me traveling around the country, I need the ability to run Department of Labor FCU from remote locations. I could not do this without OGO – the cloud technologies they provide, but just as much the people. I complete Board packets, sign contracts, attend meetings and function as needed for my job regardless of where I am (including my car!). OGO’s team have been my partners and treat me as a friend, always putting in the extra effort for us. As our CFO said the other day, 'Why are there still Credit Unions not using the Cloud?' The returns are obvious, and OGO is a fantastic partner to us."

-- Joan M. Moran, CEO, Department of Labor Federal Credit Union

Our cloud solutions are a combination of configurable products and services that we tailor to meet your specific needs, including:

  • Managed Server
  • Storage
  • Security
  • Data Recovery
  • Connectivity/Network
  • E-mail

Our best-in-class cloud platform manages over 1000+ servers and over 5000 end points at hundreds of Credit Unions.

Invisible Technology. So You Can Focus on Service.

The Credit Unions we work with are focused on building member experiences, and trust OGO to manage their cloud platform infrastructure with everything from patching and disaster recovery testing to adding storage and servers.

Don’t leave your future planning up it the air when we can easily get you into the cloud. To learn more about how we can do it for you, request a consultation with the OGO cloud solutions team, or download one of our eBooks.