Hosted Exchange

The Microsoft Exchange services are for business email, calendar, and contacts delivered as a cloud service and accessible from your desktop, phone, or tablet. Ongoing Operations hosted Exchange includes continuous backup as data protection protects and monitors the health of exchange servers, allowing administrators to recover and analyze email messages and content.

ProductHosted Exchange
What problem does it solve?Everyone uses e-mail to communicate with members, employees, friends and family.
What are the likely results?OGO's email has high levels of uptime and is fully managed, replicated and backed up so it just works! You never have to worry about upgrading again.
Why OGO?OGO has an e-mail hosting suite that includes all of the security tools to make sure you meet all financial institution e-mail regulations.

Hosted E-mail Product Diagram

Why Choose Hosted E-mail?

Today, email is one of the most critical communication tools for your business. By outsourcing to Ongoing Operations, you can increase efficiency, improve up-time, and even reduce total cost of ownership vs. internal management.

Exchange is more than just email, its Microsoft’s group productivity tool integrating email with scheduling, contacts, and tasks. Compared to simple POP email, it’s a huge step up in productivity. Not only do you get the integration of email, contacts and calendar, but also the ability to share information with others in your organization.

With Exchange, all your messages are stored in one central location, backed up and scanned for spam and viruses. Unlike POP, if you read an Exchange email from Outlook Web Access (the web based email application included with every account) it will be marked read when you open Outlook on your PC. No matter where you access it, your inbox looks the same, because it is the same.


Exchange Mailbox Options

Outlook Web Access BASIC STANDARD
10GB of Exchange Storage BASIC BASIC
MS Outlook 2010 or 2013 License STANDARD
Full Outlook Integration STANDARD
Secure Messaging Optional Optional
Data Loss Prevention Optional Optional
Journaling/Archiving Optional Optional
Resource Mailboxes Optional Optional

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