Hosted VoIP – Disaster Recovery

Disaster Recovery

In an event when disaster strikes, a business needs a back-up plan to keep in touch with their customers. SimpleSignal’s VoIP Disaster Recovery allows you to have continuous communication even in a disaster.

Your calls can be re-directed to another location. If a customer calls your office line the call is automatically re-routed by Cloudworks – VoIP to another line that is not affected by the disaster. This feature is very convenient and will make sure you are always in contact with your customers if your telephone line is damaged.

Disaster Recovery

Customer calling
Sales Agent at the Office
The office’s telephone line can
be damaged by:

  • Line cut
  • Flood
  • Fire
  • Lightning
The call is automatically re-directed from SimpleSignal’s switch to the Sales Agent’s cell phone or landline at a different locatio