Data Vaulting – OGO Replicator

When Backups Aren’t Enough

Ongoing Operations provides a fully managed data vaulting solution that provides for 15 minute snapshots locally and offsite of any windows server and for rapid recovery and testing of the Credit Unions non-core infrastructure.

Information you'll want
Why Do I Need It?Sometimes servers die, sometimes buildings burn down, sometimes bad things happen.
What Are The Likely Outcomes?Your data gets offsite and is quickly recoverable from a remote location.
Why OGO?OGO makes sure that backups happens day in day out regardless of other distractions and testing happens annually

Data Vaulting Features Include:

Local Data Vaulting Diagram

OGO Replicator Local Backup Diagram

  • Continuous data mirroring
  • Multiple restore points on any server
  • Total Windows server backup preserves OS and applications
  • Restore systems in a fraction of the time
  • Multiple replication schemes
  • Exchange granular recovery, restore at message level
  • Rapid failover server remotely
  • Industry Standard Encryption
  • Automatic and non-disruptive back-ups
  • Integrated Management and Reporting

Additional features include bare metal restorations to dissimilar hardware, a sandbox environment to test patches, software upgrades and configuration changes before applying them to the production environment, and the ability to run monthly/quarterly/yearly reports without touching the actual production server.

Aside from the technical features – the OGO Replicator is provided as a service and includes fully managed backups, offsite data transfer, monitoring, annual DR Testing and managed recovery.


Offsite Data Vaulting

Ongoing Operations Offsite and Remote Replication

Servers are replicated to OGO’s VCloud environment.  The Replicator can achieve RPO, Recovery Point Objectives, less then a minute.


OGO Offsite Data Recovery

Ongoing Operations Offsite and Remote Recovery

Servers are recoverable in OGO’s VCloud environment. The Replicator can achieve RTO, Recovery Time Objectives, within minutes.